Cyprus dating scam

I came up with this hobby when I discovered a phenomenon I had not been aware of: romance scams.

This was when I had just started experimenting online dating.

This distribution is automatic, and we are constantly expanding the number of entities that receive the data that is being reported.

Please make an effort to get this information, and enter it accurately. If you care about being able to help others take action, be careful. This is very important and you play an important part of helping to reduce online fraud with your reports.

After decades of being hobby-less, I am happy to announce that I now have a hobby: I report scammers on dating websites.

It might not be as fun a hobby as, say, collecting stamps or crocheting decorative covers for cushions, but it is rather satisfying nevertheless, in a flapping flies kind of way.

I have been trying to sort things out with the necessary authorities.” Offers of assistance received a panicky update. “It’s very gratifying to discover I have so many friends,” Fox adds.

“I’m here for a conference and I have just had my bag stolen with my passport and personal effects. ” Fox, who is safely in the country, tells me he has since been contacted by “half the Army”, including General Sir Mike Jackson, enquiring of his welfare.

You can make a difference in helping to stop this economic plague from Central Africa, South Asia, and Eastern Europe. Remember, your identity is always kept confidential (unless you are a scammer reporting yourself - yes we had one of those! ) Use this form when you just want to report a scammer's email and nothing else.

To report other kinds of information go here » IMPORTANT NOTICE Information is the greatest weapon against Online Fraud & Fraudsters (Scams & Scammers).

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We will publish that information and forward it through our Anti-Scam Data Reporting Network for exposure and appropriate action.

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