Updating social networks

Node XL Pro offers additional features that extend Node XL Basic, providing easy access to social media network data streams, advanced network metrics, and text and sentiment analysis, and powerful report generation.

Node XL Pro can create insights into social media streams with just a few clicks. Visit the Node XL Graph Gallery to see the wide variety of graphs that have been created by the Node XL community.

See the Complete Node XL Release History for details.

Node XL Features Node XL for Programmers The Node XL template displays graphs using a custom Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) control that can be reused in custom applications.

In a cruel twist of fate, just two months after Econsultancy collected the data for its report, Google’s Matt Cutts released a video saying that social signals––metrics such as Facebook likes and Twitter followers, which indicate a profile’s authority and influence––do not affect search rankings.Paint it, stain it a darker color or clad it in beadboard.You could even put corbels under the breakfast bar for added dimension and inexpensive customization.This statement threw marketers for a loop; they had been operating under the assumption (understandably so––more on that below) that social signals were factored into Google’s search algorithm as an indication of trustworthiness and quality.For this article I decided to dive deeper into what Cutts’ statement meant for the relationship between social and SEO and learn how SEO-focused marketers are thinking about social media now that social signals are out of the picture, at least for now.

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