Updating microchip in dog

Simply follow the instructions below to get started.

As Authorised Implanters and Vet Clinics, after obtaining your new authorised log-in access, you will be able to enter subscriptions on-line, print Identification Certificates for subscriptions as soon as they have been entered, view all details for animals you have previously microchipped and entered on the database as well as view information regarding animals for which you have previously helped reunite with their owners.

The AVID Mini Tracker is perfect for most applications due to its compact size, easy to use design, extended read range and most notably that it reads all four current companion animal Micro Chip standards from around the world.

Whether you are implanting and registering pet Micro Chips or handling stray or found pets, you always have to consider the Micro Chip database that will be handling those details.

A photo of Buddie leaping to attack during protection training session was the inspiration for the Aylwards Dog School logo used on the Aylwards Dog School website.

Through the use of pet identification Micro Chips we enable the quick reunification of missing pets with their owners.

Having a microchip means they can be reunited quickly with their owners, reducing the stress for dog and owner alike.

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Click here to generate a change of keeper form now Upon receipt of the paperwork PETtrac will update your pet's Micro Chip record and issue a new certificate to you.

If you have the Micro Chip number then we can help direct you to the appropriate database, even if the pet is not registered with the UK PETtrac Micro Chip Database.

The AVID Micro Chip was designed and developed to specifically address the problem of identifying missing pets and returning them home to their families.

Download a new registration form, print it off, complete it and post or fax it through to the UK PETtrac Database.

Click here to generate new Micro Chip registration paperwork now Upon receipt of the paperwork PETtrac will register your pet's Micro Chip record and issue a certificate to you.

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