"I was always a very sickly child who suffered from all manner of ailments. We thought it was one of the many childhood illnesses that go away with age." But the fever didn't "go away". "When I was eight years old, my mother passed on and no one told me or my elder brother the reason behind it.

They are 700,000 years older than any other such stone tools ever found."The tools we have unearthed are the very first fossil traces of techniques bequeathed by our hominin ancestors 3.3 million years ago," said French researcher Sonia Harmand of New York's Stony Brook University."Our discovery also refutes the long-standing theory that Homo habilis was the first maker of tools."Tool-making, like fire-making and farming, is considered a key moment in the ascent of humans.He was abusive, controlling and expected me to quit my job to make a home for him.” Being away from what she loved doing created a platform for Elizabeth to slip she adds ” A little over a year into the marriage, Elizabeth began having an affair with a colleague.It was eye-opening to be with someone who made me feel good about myself, made me laugh and respected me for who I was—not who he wanted me to be,” While others do it to feel good others cheat to get back at their partners who have at one point or another hurt them."We met at a funeral in October this year," she beams."On our second date, I told him I was HIV-positive." And with those 19 words, Laura Thuo, 21, opens up about her HIV status, accepting it, and the journey so far.

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