Validating assessment tools

This article presents the results of a second validation study to refine the initial analyses to account for nested data, to provide item-level psychometrics, and to establish construct validity.

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The assessments include: 1) a full instrument, The Women's Risk/Needs Assessment (WRNA), which assesses both gender-neutral and gender-responsive factors and affords separate forms for probation, prison, and pre-release; and 2) the Women's Risk/Needs Assessment - Trailer (WRNA-T) which is designed to supplement existing risk/needs assessments such as the Level of Service Inventory - Revised or the Northpointe COMPAS.

Judges either provided a truth/lie judgment only, or also rated 11 behavioral cues on the PBCAT.

When stories were told under cognitive load the effectiveness of cues at discriminating truth/deception was enhanced, with targets under higher load judged more accurately.

The most common of these are the Level of Service Inventory - Revised (LSI-R) developed by Don Andrews and James Bonta (com) and the Correctional Offender Management Profiling for Alternative Sanctions (COMPAS) developed by Tim Brennan and colleagues (

More recently, the University of Cincinnati has developed the Ohio Risk Assessment System (ORAS), which is a comprehensive system covering all major decision points in the correctional process.

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